The Witches of Savannah

In the heart of historic Savannah, where cobblestone streets conceal ancient secrets and Spanish moss drapes the oaks like a shroud, a deadly dance unfolds between the witches who protect the city's mystical legacy and the relentless Witch Hunters who seek to extinguish it. As dark forces rise and ancient rivalries are reignited, the fate of Savannah hangs in the balance. Follow the captivating journey of these brave souls as they navigate a treacherous path of magic, love, and sacrifice, determined to shield their beloved city from the encroaching darkness at all costs. In this enchanting series, danger and desire collide, and the battle for Savannah's soul is waged on every page.

Witch out of Time - Book 1

A witch trying to save a couple of teenagers, a witch hunter determined to kick the witches out of Savannah, and the Witch Out of Time who plans to rule them all.
Jasmine Burkehart just wants to finish her professor’s assignment—but her best friend is determined to get her to out for the night, which wouldn’t be bad, except her friend has discovered a storefront that’s been hidden from people for over a century. READ MORE

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Paranormal Suspense

Witch in the Hand - Book 2

Coming February 2024!

Paranormal Suspense

Witch of the Night - Book 3

Coming in 2024!

Paranormal Suspense