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Witches of Savannah - Book 1 - Witch Out of Time

Witches of Savannah - Book 1 - Witch Out of Time

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A witch trying to save a couple of teenagers, a witch hunter determined to kick the witches out of Savannah, and the Witch Out of Time who plans to rule them all.

Jasmine Burkehart just wants to finish her professor’s assignment—but her best friend is determined to get her to out for the night, which wouldn’t be bad, except her friend has discovered a storefront that’s been hidden from people for over a century.

Jasmine’s best friend found an ancient grimoire and is determined to cast one. However, what they didn’t know is that when they crossed that threshold into the store that appeared out of nowhere, they’ve released an ancient witch bent on destroying Savannah. A witch appears to help them, but the only one who seems to know who they’re up against is a ghost who was killed by the very witch trying to kill them.

Running from witch hunters and faced with the fact that magic is actually real, they must fight against the resurrected witch, but it’s hard when that witch has taken possession of the body of Jasmine’s best friend.

With Ericka possessed, a stranger out to kill her, and a ghost who won’t stop whining in her ears, Jasmine only has one choice—she must learn to be a witch herself or see her best friend lost forever.

Witch Out of Time is the first in the new Witches of Savannah series, a paranormal suspense, full of action and adventure, twists, and turns at every corner. Start your adventure today!


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