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Witches of Savannah - Book 3 - Witch of the Night

Witches of Savannah - Book 3 - Witch of the Night

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Jasmine was finally ready to face her magic, to learn about the ancient fiery ball inside of her. However, other supernatural forces in Savannah were not as eager for her to learn.

Lane couldn’t understand his brother’s reluctance to be a Witch Hunter. There were so many exciting aspects of their roles in the history of the town’s legends that Lane couldn’t read through his family’s journals fast enough. And now there was a room full of magical relics!

It had been a warning, but not one Zora understood. However, she knew it was up to her to figure it out. If she could escape the violent spirits that swarmed her psychic shop, that is.

Angry ghosts, dueling witches, and a warlock ready to destroy them all, but it led the witches to one fatal question: would they save the Witch Hunters?

Another paranormal adventure awaits in the Witches of Savannah series, so grab Witch of the Night today!


This book releases on July 2, 2024, but if you're eager to get started, for early access join the FGR Team on Ream!

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