Crescent Cove Pack: Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove

In the secluded town of Crescent Cove, the enigmatic Sinclair brothers stand as protectors of their close-knit werewolf pack, while they each await their fated mate. As they navigate the challenges of safeguarding their pack from the ever-looming threat of outsiders, they yearn for the one who will complete their lives and solidify their bond. In a tale of romance, mystery, and supernatural intrigue, the Sinclair brothers are bound by destiny, their hearts eager to find the missing piece to their supernatural puzzle.

Tobias - Book 1

Mazzie Owens has been cursed not to have sex until she meets her mate or turns twenty-five, which ever happens first, but then she meets Tobias, and her wolf busts out of her, making him want her, but also leaving them both with a need to figure out who put the curse on her.

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Adrian - Book 2

He wasn’t looking for love, and she only wanted a story for the paper, but some things are destined beyond our control.

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Caleb - Book 3

Victoria needs to stop her cousin from turning the family business into a criminal empire and turns to Caleb for help, but the moment the two meet, they feel the destined mate attraction, and now Caleb wants to help her for an entirely different reason.

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