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Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 1 - Tobias

Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 1 - Tobias

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Mazzie Owens had no inkling of the curse her parents had placed upon her, only that each attempt at intimacy left her chilled to the bone.

Then, at a wedding she was forced to attend, she locks eyes with the much older Tobias Sinclair, and the struggle to control her desire becomes nearly unbearable.

To her surprise, Mazzie learns that the curse had kept her inner wolf dormant until she met her destined mate, triggering a bewildering transformation.

Tobias, now in his forties, never imagined he'd still be searching for his mate while even his cousin was mated and preparing for marriage.

Yet, when Mazzie enters his life, he recognizes her as his fated partner, though she remains unaware of her supernatural heritage.

Determined to unravel the mystery before claiming her as his own, Tobias embarks on a journey with Mazzie, unearthing the secrets of her curse and uncovering a love that transcends the supernatural obstacles in their path.

Tobias releases January 23, 2024!

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