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Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 1 - Tobias

Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 1 - Tobias

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Mazzie Owens has a secret, and it’s one she doesn’t even know.

The small town of Crescent Cove is filled with wolf shifters, but twenty-four-year-old Mazzie believes it’s all rumors and conspiracy theories—that is, until she meets Tobias Sinclair.

Entering his forties, Tobias had given up hope of ever finding his destined mate. And then he meets this gorgeous young woman at a wedding, and his wolf goes crazy with desire.

Determined to help Mazzie find the answers to who she is and why someone would suppress her wolf, the couple has more to worry about than the giant age gap between them. Someone’s out to kill her, and the answer can only be found in this Sphere they’ve never seen or from a pack no one even knows exists.

Dodging enemies from all sides while faced with a paranormal world she never knew existed, Mazzie has a choice: join Tobias in his quest for answers or run for the hills.

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