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Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 2 - Adrian

Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove - Book 2 - Adrian

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He wasn’t looking for love, and she only wanted a story for the paper, but some things are destined beyond our control.

Adrian Sinclair has worked toward opening his own restaurant his entire life, and now is his chance. And then she walks in for an interview and his world explodes, almost literally.

Selene Archer is ready to hit the big times as a journalist with her story on the Blackthorns criminal empire when her editor assigns her a fluff piece. Her attitude changes, though, when she sees the son of the town’s Alpha staring at her like his next meal, and she hopes it’s a five-course affair.

Her story forgotten, Selene falls for Adrian, giving herself to his visions for the future until someone sends her a package meant to kill her. She believed it’s the Blackthorns until someone threatens Adrian as well. Now they’re dodging attacks without knowing who’s sending them.

As the heat rises, Adrian must protect his mate, but how can he when he doesn’t even know who’s behind it? When whoever is after them strikes again, Adrian realizes he can either save his future or his present. He can’t have both.

This next installment of Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove promises to be a harrowing ride as everywhere they look a new threat emerges. Grab Adrian now to see how hot things get!!!


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This book releases on 5/21/24

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