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Sword of the Fae - Book 1 ~ Warrior Forged

Sword of the Fae - Book 1 ~ Warrior Forged

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A reluctant hero, a psychotic demon, and the city that lies between them.

Rhychard Bartlett only had one thing on his mind that night—to propose to his girlfriend, Renny Saunders. However, a scream that freezes the blood in his veins changes the course of his life forever.

For the past two years, Rhychard lived his life day-to-day, happy with his business My Moving Truck and I, avoiding his mother’s constant demands for help, and spending his nights with Renny. However, when he rushes into an alley because of a scream, he comes across a dying elf who thrusts a sword into his hands and tells him to wait for another. The only question on Rhychard’s mind at the time was: when did elves become real?

Now that he possesses the Guardian Sword, Soulbreaker, Rhychard must learn to protect his city from the Unseelie while keeping Renny in the dark about his new role as Warrior of the Fae. But then Vargas, the demon set on destroying Harbor City, doesn’t want Renny to stay in the dark when he can use her to destroy Rhychard.

With Renny threatening to break up with him and a city that needs saving, Rhychard must choose: Turn his back on the Seelie and his city, or sacrifice the love of his life for the world around him.

Warrior Forged is an action-packed urban fantasy full of elves, faeries, and sword buckling action in today’s society. Grab your copy today!


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