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The Harper Twins (Boxset)

The Harper Twins (Boxset)

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The Harper Twins are now all in one place!!! 

There was only one rule – No guy gets to date both of them. 

And then there was Mitch Greenway. 

The Harper Twins brings together three books following the romantic, most often chaotic, lives of Aimee and Karla Harper as they flounder to find their way through love, family, and the emotional baggage of the past. 

Aimee and Karla have set their gazes on the same man, and the rivalry that erupts between them threatens to undo them. Aimee is soft-spoken, reserved, and a hopeless romantic. Karla is the wild child, grabbing what she wants in life without worrying about the consequences or what people think of her in the end. 

And then there was Mitch, who wanted them both exactly as they were. 

Aimee and Karla know their rules for life keep them safe, protecting them from predators who would make them their victims, but suddenly they come across the man who makes breaking the rules well worth it. 

No one fights harder than family with each other. One-click The Harper Twins now to see how this drama unfolds as each girl surrenders to the sensual whims of the one man they both desire.


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