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The Fire Brigade - Book 2 - Singed by FIre

The Fire Brigade - Book 2 - Singed by FIre

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A roving firefighter, a daughter of a fire chief determined to feel nothing, and the collision that sets their world on fire.

Twenty-six-year-old Janis Osbourne avoids commitment at all costs. Life’s too short to be settled down in one place, or even in one relationship. She craves variety because it doesn’t risk her giving her heart away.

Charleston firefighter Ryan Anderson loves the ladies as much as he loves putting out fires, and uses his career to meet as many willing partners as he can. However, now he’s on an arson case that might lead him into a blaze he won’t survive.

With sparks flying between them and bullets barely missing them, Janis and Ryan have to work together to understand their burning desire, as well as why someone would burn down a textile factory. The police can’t help them on this one, and soon, more than the walls of the warehouse come crashing down, exposing them to more than just danger—it exposes them to their hearts.

Singed by Fire proves to be a burning, first responder romance that will keep you reaching for ice!


Don't forget to read the first book in the series, Braving the Flames!


This book will release 7/9/2024.

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