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The Fire Brigade - Book 1 - Braving the Flames

The Fire Brigade - Book 1 - Braving the Flames

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A frustrated firefighter, a stubborn teacher, and their struggle to avoid the fate of her parents.

She was tired of being burned, and all he wanted to do was set her heart on fire.

Mack Browder is one of the most patient men in the world- except when it comes to the stubbornness of the woman he’s wanted since high school, Shelby Osbourne.

Shelby refuses to date a fireman because of what it did it her family, but Mack is tired of her using her parents’ divorce as an excuse not to go out with him, especially when he knows she feels the same way about him. When she winds up in a car accident that almost kills her, he’s more determined than ever to make her his.

Having loved Mack since she was in ninth grade, Shelby’s almost ready to surrender to the first man she’s ever loved—and then he’s trapped in a house fire, and she’s swallowed up by all her old fears. With the return of her nightmares, Shelby is faced with a choice: walk away from the man she loves, or leap into his arms and simply trust.

Braving the Flames, the first in The Fire Brigade series, is a steamy firefighter romance with enough heat to singe your fingers as you turn the pages.


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