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The Harper Twins - Book 2 - Taming Karla

The Harper Twins - Book 2 - Taming Karla

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A twin with a wild side, a dominant with an itch, and their second chance of proving they deserve love. 

Karla Harper doesn’t believe in love, mainly because she doesn’t believe anyone can love her as she is. And then she meets Mitch Greenway. 

All her life, relationships have been a means to an end, her body a tool—or a weapon—to get what she wanted out of life because she didn’t feel anyone would ever accept her and her twisted desires. What she didn’t know was that Mitch felt the same way. He also had the same desires. 

The more Mitch attempts to prove to her that he can accept her dark side, the more Karla strives to prove she’s beyond his control and unworthy of love. And then, as if to sabotage her only chance at happiness, she leaves the bar with another man. 

When Mitch confronts her about her misguided behavior, Karla is faced with a decision: trust the man who wishes to own her or walk away from a future about which she’s only fantasized. 

Taming Karla is a new adult, beachy romance with a taste of dominance and submission. Get this steamy read now!


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