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Sword of the Fae - Book 4 - Warrior's Blade

Sword of the Fae - Book 4 - Warrior's Blade

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A ghost come to life, a gnome infestation, and a dark elf with a plot of his own....


Having lost it all, the Universe has finally started giving some back—including an infestation of gnomes.

The Battle of Feather Lakes is over, and while the witch, Rose Tillery, has died, Renny Saunders is very much alive. As the Warrior and his friends mourn the death of Rose, a group of gnomes bring chaos to Rhychard’s house, claiming Renny is more than just a ghost returned from the Summerlands.

Bertram Leary has failed, and now, Prince Dakath insists the dark elf, Aradhon finish the task of bringing a Gateway from the Shadowlands to Harbor City. However, Aradhon has his own agenda and prize to achieve. He just has to make sure he doesn’t get caught.

Once again, Rhychard must join forces with the Cauldron Coven to keep evil from swallowing their town, but the dark elf knows something our band of heroes do not—how to use Renny’s new powers. Can she escape before Aradhon forces her to become something she’ll hate? Can the gnomes protect her as they swore they could?

One-Click this action-packed sword and sorcery adventure to see if Rhychard and his friends can once again save the day!


Releases October 29, 2024!!!

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