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Sword of the Fae - Book 3 ~ Dark Warrior

Sword of the Fae - Book 3 ~ Dark Warrior

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He lost it all. The love of his life. His purpose. His world. Yet, the faerie world demanded even more.

After sacrificing everything, Rhychard Bartlett lost the one thing he couldn't afford to lose - the woman he wanted to marry, and yet, the Unseelie weren’t through with him yet.

As Harvest Fellowship imploded, he managed to save most of the parishioners from the demon's grasp, but Vargas had already killed the most important person in Rhychard's life. Now, the faerie world could go to Hell for all Rhychard cared. He was finished with their secret missions. However, just as he was about to take his life back, a young elf shows up at Rhychard's condo to record the history of his life.

Now, suffering visions of agonizing pain from blazing fires and avoiding a dark elf wants to help him survive the upcoming battle, Rhychard’s real battle comes from within the very sword meant to save his life. Oh, and he's also seeing ghosts. Or rather, one ghost - Renny.

When everything seems turned against him, will he save his mind? Or lose it to the memory of Renny Saunders?

Get it now to discover if Rhychard's nightmare is only in his head or actually walking the streets of Harbor City.

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