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Sword of the Fae - Book 2 ~ Demon's Harvest

Sword of the Fae - Book 2 ~ Demon's Harvest

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A reluctant hero, a determined demon, and the fight for a city that took everything from him.

Rhychard Bartlett surrendered, becoming a Warrior of the Fae even though it cost him the love of his life. And now, it might just cost him his hometown.

Renny Saunders still won’t talk to him, and to make things worse, the demon Vargas can now attend her church. However, demons should not be allowed to touch what the Seelie call Sacred Ground. Harbor City’s reluctant hero, Rhychard Bartlett, has another battle on his hands, and this time, he intends on calling his friends for help.

Dodging gargoyles, rescuing hookers, and trying to avoid the restraining order Renny has put out on him, Rhychard faces off against Vargas to keep the Unseelie from opening a Gateway in his city. Yet, the battle has hit closer to home than he ever realized it would, and Renny seems to be the prize.

With the Unseelie about to take over Harbor City, Rhychard needs the support the Fae have denied him and now faces a hard decision: break with the Fae’s tradition and endure their wrath, or remain alone and possibly lose even more than he already has—losing everything.

Grab The Demon’s Harvest today as the battle for Harbor City continues and our hero, Rhychard, goes rogue.

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