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The Harper Twins - Book 1 - Sibling Rivalry

The Harper Twins - Book 1 - Sibling Rivalry

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A sister who lives by the rules, the twin who knows no boundaries, and the dominant who wants them both. 

Twenty-four-year-old Aimee Harper is a quiet rule-follower, who believes she will never find love—until Mitch Greenway asks her out instead of her more cavalier twin sister. 

She just wants her car fixed, but when Mitch tells her it’ll cost her a dinner date, Aimee doesn’t know what to do. Her sister has already shown interest in the rough mechanic, and they’ve always had one rule—no one dates both twins. But god, he’s so frickin’ cute! And he wants her. Nothing like this has ever happened to her before. When push comes to shove, and her sister gives her an ultimatum, Aimee must make a choice: to break their only rule and finally find her happy-ever-after, or give in to her sister again. 

Sibling Rivalry is a new adult romance with a twisted love triangle that threatens to drive the Harper twins apart.


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