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Destined Mates - Book 1 - Magic's Mate

Destined Mates - Book 1 - Magic's Mate

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She lost her magic. He’s about to lose his town. Only together can they protect their future. 

Faced with betrayal, Adira Brennan lashed out in anger, and it shattered her magic. Now, she’s being sent to Bull Creek to assist the alpha in protecting the haven’s residents. However, the alpha of the town thinks she needs protecting the most. She’ll prove to him she’s not some weak female who runs at the first sign of trouble. But, without her magic, what good is she? 

For a year, Dimitri Everest had been fighting the ambitions of the alpha of the coyote pack who has been hellbent on chasing humans out of Bull Creek. The Paranormal Council promised to send help, but the witch they sent could barely cast a spell. Suddenly, she is the main one he wants to protect, and his panther is in full agreement. 

Magic’s Mate is a steamy paranormal romance full of action, strong women, and alpha men, that will keep you turning the pages to see if Adira and Dimitri can save Bull Creek and return Adira’s magic to her. Along the way, they may even find something else; they may find their Destined Mate.


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