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Billionaire Brat Pack -Book 1 - Her Halloween Billionaire

Billionaire Brat Pack -Book 1 - Her Halloween Billionaire

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A single mom who simply wants to make her son happy this Halloween, a frustrated figurehead for a company, and their chance to rescue each other from a mundane life.

For the past four years, Candy Hollier has only had one priority—take care of her five-year-old son, Brandon, and she’s kept her life simple in pursuit of that goal—that is, until her boss, Jackson Blackburn, asks her out.

Her life has never been grandiose, and she’s been all right with that. All she’s ever needed is the love of her son, the help of her mother on occasion, and her best friend to keep her from becoming stagnant. She goes to work, returns home, plays mom, and then slips into bed, perhaps reading a chapter or two before sleep claims her. Simple. Pragmatic. Predictable. But Jackson Blackburn is anything but predictable.

Caught up in the adrenaline of being asked out by the most sought-after man in the company, Candy doesn’t even realize what’s happening until she hears the whispers behind her back.

Now, faced with false accusations of being a gold digger and not wanting to see her son hurt in the wake of office busybodies, Candy has only one choice—she has to turn her back on happiness and quit her job. But will Jackson allow her to simply walk away?

Her Halloween Billionaire is a steamy romance that will keep you turning the pages and reaching for ice this Halloween! Grab your copy today!

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