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Halloween Seduction - Book 1 - Come Halloween

Halloween Seduction - Book 1 - Come Halloween

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Death isn't a wall to stop us, but a doorway to breakthrough, and Kelly has found the key.

They say marriage lasts until "death do us part," but Kelly Ginsberg has stumbled upon a way around that vow and the witch who can make it happen. Yet, no one will leave her be so she can with her late-husband, Jared, trying to get her to move on with her life. However, her life is fine as it is, and Jared is still a part she looks forward to every Halloween.

Derek Cranston wants more than to be Kelly's shoulder when she's sad, or the person she binge watches old movies with on Saturday nights. Much more. Still, he needs to find a way to move Kelly out of the past she clutches to and into the future where he can take care of her every need. Yet, how do you compete with a dead husband who keeps coming back to life?

Come Halloween the flames of passion will once again ignite for Kelly Ginsberg, but the question is with who? One-click now to find out!
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