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Bull Creek Holidays - Book 4 - For Liberty's Sake

Bull Creek Holidays - Book 4 - For Liberty's Sake

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A kidnapped witch, a desperate husband, and a mother-in-law ready to kill.

Maureen Mondor has moved to Bull Creek to lose herself in the quiet surroundings and avoid the red tape of the world—and then her son-in-law shows up on her doorstep with news that her daughter might have been kidnapped.

Oliver Stackhouse knows all about the paranormal world thanks to his wife, Liberty, being a witch. So, when he hears of a plot to wipe out supernatural beings, he does what he thinks is best and reports the chemical weapons he’s discovered. However, The Order of Wardens isn’t ready to be exposed just yet.

Dodging bullets, Oliver makes it to Bull Creek where he knows he’ll get help, if not a warm welcome. It doesn’t matter, though. He would do anything to rescue his wife. Even face the crotchety Maureen.

This Fourth of July, there promises to be more than simply fireworks in the paranormal town of Bull Creek. Factions will face off with each other as they wrestle with the question of which is more important, the one or the many?


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