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Destined Mates - Book 5 - My Mate's Wife

Destined Mates - Book 5 - My Mate's Wife

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A mate denied, a man torn, and a wife caught in the middle.

Fitzgerald Everest did what any loyal son would do; he married the woman his father told him to marry to protect the family's future. Yet, what does that mean for his Destined Mate?

Kinsey Pickford needed to escape. Denied her mate, she knew it was only a matter of time before the pull of the mating call drove her crazy. Her only recourse was to escape to Bull Creek.

Amanda Everest wasn't sure what it meant to marry into the Everest family or what a Destined Mate truly was until she noticed her husband's odd behavior. Now, she needed to make some hard choices to save the man she had grown to love.

When the heart is pulled in two directions, who will keep it from being ripped apart?
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