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Destined Mates - Book 3 - Mate's Touch

Destined Mates - Book 3 - Mate's Touch

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A panther shifter trying to make a new life, a wolf looking to solve a case, and their chance to help each other. 

Lainie Everest was content being a deputy in Bull Creek, focusing on her career and her friends—and then Rance Culpepper walked into her investigation. 

Lainie had no way of knowing how the death of a stranger in Bull Creek would screw up her life—or change it for the better. All she knew was that some cocky detective from Pensacola was there to steal her case, and she was not about to allow that to happen. No, as far as she was concerned, Rance could go back home and get his smirk out of her life. 

Fighting over the case drew them together, and that closeness threatened to tear them to pieces—in more ways than just at each other’s throat. They had a hard time keeping their hands off each other as well. And then the gang stepped up its game.

When the mating call hits, the two of them from different worlds, they have to decide to either combine forces and surrender or allow the call to drive them insane. 

Mate’s Touch is a Paranormal Romance of fated love with plenty of heat, as well as action and suspense!

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