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Destined Mates - Book 1 - Magic's Mate

Destined Mates - Book 1 - Magic's Mate

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A witch who lost her magic, a panther Alpha about to lose his town, and their chance to set everything right once more.

Dimitri Everest has led the residents of Bull Creek for the past year, content with the lonely life before him—until a witch from Draven Falls enters his world, quite possibly the answer to all the current chaos that faces him.

Adira Brennan lost her magic when she lashed out at the wolf shifter who broke her heart and made her the laughingstock of her hometown. When she believes all is lost, the matriarch of witches sends her to Bull Creek to help the town’s Alpha, who just might be in over his head.

As soon as he meets Adira, Dimitri scents her as his destined mate, and he refuses to risk her safety in the upcoming battle with Bane Kastner. However, Adira is not some fragile female who will suffer his testosterone-driven overprotectiveness long, and she’s quick to put him in his place, something that only flames the fire within him even more.

When the battle heats up, Dimitri is left with a major decision: coddle his witchy mate or allow her to fight beside him to save Bull Creek.

Grab your copy of the first in the Destined Mates series to discover if Adira and Dimitri can save Bull Creek as well as heal her broken magic, or if she’ll skin a certain panther before they can end Bane’s reign.

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