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Crimson Moon Hideaway - Protector's Heart

Crimson Moon Hideaway - Protector's Heart

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She was destined to take over her pack. He was merely supposed to protect her until she could. However, lines are crossed when they find themselves on vacation together. The only problem is, he’s human.

Emilia Brookshire is about to turn thirty, which means she’s about to take over as Alpha of the Graveridge Pack. The only thing is, she doesn’t want it, even though her family has ruled the pack for centuries.

Remy Porter was hired by her father to protect her until she took her place in the pack, and he’s done that since their death. However, now he sees Emilia in a new light, one that threatens to break the rules of her pack if he doesn’t turn away. But he can’t turn away.

With rival wolves swarming Crimson Moon Hideaway, the elders calling him to walk away, and Emilia begging to share his room, Remy is now trapped keeping secrets of the past while keeping Emilia focused on her role. To do that, though, he just might have to walk away. Stuck between his duty and his heart, Remy must make the hardest decision of his life. But will Emilia understand?

Protector’s Heart is a bodyguard, silver fox romance full of twists and turns, secrets and confessions that will keep you turning the pages.

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