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Crimson Moon Hideaway - Cupid's Billionaire

Crimson Moon Hideaway - Cupid's Billionaire

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A billionaire wizard, a jilted librarian, and a meddlesome cupid – it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but really, it’s their second chance at finding true love.

Broken-hearted billionaire Chance Holden just wants to escape the pain of being dumped right before his wedding – and then he walks smack dab into a Matchmaker’s Expo for cupids.

Chance merely wants to put his broken relationship behind him, so he plans a quick trip to Crimson Moon Hideaway for a quiet escape. However, a petite librarian, Lizbeth Gilmore, struggling with her own broken heart catches his attention by refusing to give up on love, and Chance quickly tosses thoughts of being alone out of his mind.

Surrounded by the beautiful redwoods and the woman who had made him laugh once more, giving him hope that true love might exist after all, Chance is ready to give it one more shot – and then he comes face-to-face with the cupid who screwed up his first relationship.

Faced with the prospect that perhaps love is out of his control, Chance must make a choice: surrender to the cupid’s plans for his life or return to Charleston alone – and lonely.

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