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Crimson Moon Hideaway - A Ghostly Affair

Crimson Moon Hideaway - A Ghostly Affair

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He watched his wife walk around Crimson Moon Hideaway trying to find him a new bride. Weird to some, perhaps, but it was all right. You see, his wife is dead.

Now a widower, Geoff Johns booked a weekend at Crimson Moon Hideaway to escape all the sad faces cast his way, as well as the uncomfortable conversations asking how he was holding up. His wife was dead. How did they think he was holding up? Of course, that doesn’t stop her from popping up in the hopes of finding him his next bride. And on top of that, it’s the full moon, which meant tonight, his werewolf would try to end his vegetarian diet.

Corine Faraday left her therapist’s office wishing she had listened to her gut and not the opinions of her colleagues. Now, a little boy was dead, and she felt like a failure. She was through helping people, even herself. And then she notices a strange man talking to himself by the pool.

Can two souls who have lost so much find happiness at Crimson Moon? Perhaps a better question is can Erika Johns let go long enough for the others to find each other? One-Click A Ghostly Affair and find out!

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