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Bull Creek Holidays - Book 5-Thanksgiving in Bull Creek

Bull Creek Holidays - Book 5-Thanksgiving in Bull Creek

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Mated for the past two years, they're finally ready to get married, but the past has other ideas, and soon, they're fighting for their lives once again.

Eve Hartlow and Arlin Landry are ready to be more than destined mates; they’re ready to be husband and wife. That is, until Eve opens a gift at her bridal shower, and then bliss turns to panic.

It’s been two years since Arlin mated Eve, and during that time, Bull Creek has faced one villain after another. It’s finally time for something magnificent to happen, and this Thanksgiving, Eve and Arlin intend on getting married. The whole town comes together to help with the celebration. However, so does Eve’s past.

They thought Kyle Wagner was but a bad memory, but when Eve opens a gift from her ex, they realize the past is never truly gone. Soon, they’re fighting for their lives again as Arlin suddenly disappears.

Faced with the possibility that Kyle just might mean what he says about killing Arlin, Eve must make a fatal decision: to stay and fight for the life she wants, or run away to save the man she loves.

Thanksgiving in Bull Creek is the fifth installment in this paranormal suspense series, guaranteed to keep you up late at night turning the pages.

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