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Black Hollow: Winter's Wail - Book 7

Black Hollow: Winter's Wail - Book 7

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Surrounded by death, she only wants to live. Tired of living, he only longs for death. They both can't have what they want.

Reina Frost is frustrated taunting the guests at Daydreamer Inn. The deal has always been if a guest opens a window, the banshees can take the guests to their next life. However, no one ever opens the window. That is, until this holiday season.

Brokenhearted,  Roman Penfield just wants to end his life and join his late-wife. Then he remembers what she told him about the paranormal town of Black Hollow and the deal with the banshees. Wiping away his tears, he makes a reservation  

Christmas hits Black Hollow with this whirlwind romance as Reina tries to save Roman from giving up on life, but then the witch who killed his wife arrives to finish the job. Now Reina calls on her friends in the small town to protect Roman and send the witch to the Great Beyond


Winter's Wail releases November 19, 2024!!

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