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Billionaire Brat Pack - Book 5 - Her Thanksgiving Billionaire

Billionaire Brat Pack - Book 5 - Her Thanksgiving Billionaire

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In the heartwarming novel, "Her Thanksgiving Billionaire," love and redemption intertwine as two souls are given a second chance at lost love.

Meet Anna Harlowe, a courageous surfer who's faced life's harshest waves and emerged stronger. Despite losing her arm in a tragic car accident, she refuses to be defined by her setbacks. Determined to reclaim her passion for surfing, she sets her sights on competing in the prestigious New Smyrna Beach Surf Fest. However, her determination faces a new obstacle in the form of Landon Bowers, a concerned billionaire with a shared history.

Landon has his reasons for wanting to protect Anna, as he's haunted by the pain of their past. Struggling to move on from their lost love, he can't bear to see her put herself in harm's way. But when an unexpected encounter sparks misunderstandings between them, old wounds resurface, threatening to unravel the chance they have for a new beginning.

As Anna fights for her independence and her dreams, she must confront her own doubts about Landon's intentions. Is he still the playboy she once knew, or has he truly changed for the better? The scars they carry run deeper than what meets the eye, and both must learn that healing comes from within.

In the picturesque town of Rochester Shores, Anna and Landon find themselves entangled in a steamy and emotional second chance romance. The sparks between them rekindle, and as they navigate the complexities of trust, forgiveness, and love, they learn that the past doesn't have to define their future.

"Her Thanksgiving Billionaire" is a tale of resilience, hope, and the power of love to mend broken hearts. Join Anna and Landon as they navigate the twists and turns of their shared journey, discovering that sometimes, the most beautiful love stories emerge from the deepest scars. This heartwarming romance is the perfect conclusion to the captivating Billionaire Brat Pack series, promising a compelling and unforgettable read.


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