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Billionaire Brat Pack - Book 4 - Her Independence Billionaire

Billionaire Brat Pack - Book 4 - Her Independence Billionaire

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A playboy billionaire, a focused businesswoman, and the clash of their worlds that brings them together for better or worse.

Barton Lambeau lived for every moment, never caring about tomorrow or what the future held - until he met the one woman who didn’t swoon at his advances because all she cared about was the future.

Barton is on his way to a surf competition when he runs into Sky Kelly, and soon, the competition is out of the water and on dry land. However, Sky shrugs off his advances, seeing him as what he is, a billionaire playboy leaving his notches in the small town of Rochester Shores. And she wants nothing to do with it.

Sky has spent her entire life struggling to make her mark in the business world of men and finally has her own company to boast about. However, with the recession, money has been tight, and her competition is ready to take the reins and kick her out of the company. The uncertainty of the future has caused her to revert to a careless mindset because she knows no other way to cope.

Barton has to keep Sky from losing her company before she loses herself, and to do that, he needs the help of his friends, which Sky absolutely refuses.

Grab Her Independence Billionaire now to see who wins this competition.

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