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Bull Creek Chronicles - Book 1 - Alpha Rising

Bull Creek Chronicles - Book 1 - Alpha Rising

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A panther shifter with a desperate need to escape the clutches of his father, and a town that needs rescuing from a corrupt Alpha.

Dimitri Everest is more than ready to get out of Draven Falls and the ancient thinking of his father, who wants to force him into an arranged marriage—and then the Paranormal Council has the solution to all his problems.

Bull Creek is the pet project of the Council, and it’s not going the way they intended. In order to set things right, they reach out to Dimitri after hearing he’s ready to step out of his father’s shadow and send him to replace the current Alpha of their sanctuary. Dimitri eagerly accepts their offer—only to be tossed into the crosshairs of Bane Kastner.

Faced with an Alpha unwilling to leave town and a pack of coyotes threatening the humans and witches, Dimitri is charged with fixing it all. The only problem: One Alpha is willing to kill to reach his goals.

When confronted with a life-or-death battle, Dimitri must make a choice: return to Daddy’s money or make a stand that very well may end his life.

Check out this action-packed prequel series to the paranormal romance series, Destined Mates, and get Alpha Rising now to witness the battle of three Alphas for the future of Bull Creek.


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