When Things Go Crazy

When Things Go Crazy

Her Valentine Billionaire released on Valentine’s Day, and to be honest, it was late. Originally, it was set to release on January 31st, but life went crazy for our family again, and I simply couldn’t get it done on time. Therefore, we pushed it back two weeks until February 10th, but again, life was not rooting for us, and, on top of that, we had a ten-day trip already planned and booked in Hawaii. I thought I would get a lot of writing done on the plane, but this fat old man could not get comfortable enough to do anything but bitch and moan and watch old movies. So, that’s what I did, and pushed the release date back until Valentine’s Day, which is as far as I wanted to push it being a Valentine’s story. However, that allowed me to get the story right, edited, and in your hands finally.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I am a man of rituals and routines. My life pretty much follows a pattern. I eat at the same time every day, three meals, plus an evening snack. I take a nap in the afternoon and usually wake up at eight or eight-thirty in the morning after falling asleep around midnight. The girls know when I’ll be at my desk or in my recliner, and I usually follow the same work patterns with my writing every day. Therefore, if one thing kicks my routine out of whack, you can pretty much guarantee that my day has gone to shit. Oh, I’ll still get some things done, but not near as much as I wanted, or even what I wanted, more than likely. Words go out the window, and it’s all what I call procrastination productivity.

And this year, life has been as crazy for us as 2022 and the end of 2021. So, what have I done to battle this craziness to my schedule? It’s been a total overhaul of release dates and goals. As of right now, with Her Valentine Billionaire released, I only have two other books on the schedule—the rest of that series. From there, I’m taking my time to regroup, refocus, and move slower. I must because I need the rest of my team with me, and until we’re all one hundred percent up to snuff health wise, it won’t happen.

Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing. The first book in the Sword of the Fae series is halfway done, and so is Shadows Regained. Plus, I’ve started working on The Witches of Savannah, and a couple of secret projects you’ll hear about in the near future. The Feel-Good Reads Bookstore is still going strong, and we’re about to add new merchandise as well as subscriptions. Plus, we still have five book signings this year. So, we’re still busy, just not as busy as we were.

So, reach out, keep in touch, and keep visiting our bookstore for more stories, novellas, and merchandise. And know, that when things go crazy, we don’t quit. We simply dig in deeper to care for those we love.

Until next time, happy reading!


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