Two Words Forward & Relentless

Two Words Forward & Relentless

Two Words: Forward & Relentless

I’ve never done this before, pick a word to focus on as a guiding force throughout the year. However, as I devoted myself to focus more on self-care this year, I picked two words that I want to represent me for 2023. To be honest, I may make these my words for the rest of my life.

The first is FORWARD. I hate looking back. I mean, to a degree, I do. I love looking through old photos every morning as OneDrive shows me my memories throughout the years. However, in the regular day-to-day life or my writing, I try not to look back too often, because I want to always move forward. And this has been the year for it, what with opening the Feel-Good Reads Bookstore and then starting our Superfan Subscription Tiers on Ream. And now we’ve started our exclusive VIP Club for those who want even more access and fun goodies. I do the same with my stories, moving forward into new genres and tropes. There’s so much to explore and experience, and I want to do it all.

And then my second word is RELENTLESS. I don’t want to do anything half-ass. You can ask the girls. One of my pet peeves is someone not giving their all to something and being content doing a mediocre job. I want the best stories to go out, to offer the best merchandise, and give readers the best experiences I can offer them. And I do it relentlessly, fighting for it every day with everything I possess. I don’t want to guess; I want to learn. I’m intense when pursuing a project, wanting it to be the best I can make it. It’s one of the reasons I prefer working alone for the most part. I want things done at my pace and to my standard. Not that others don’t want that, but I can control me, and so I stick with me.

I am sure there are other words I could have picked, but these two stood out right off the bat, and I couldn’t ignore the way they called to me. Forward and Relentless. I have them taped to my computer and written everywhere I can see them.

If you were to pick two words that meant something to you this year, that you could hold onto and claim as your motivation words to focus on and claim as your mantra, what would they be? I’d really love to know, so leave me a comment. Let’s talk about it,

Until next time, happy reading!

Robbie & the FGR Team

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