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It's time to return to Black Hollow!!! Yesterday's Reaper dives into Misha Rasputin's past before she became a grim reaper and introduces us to a love from long ago. There are twists and turns, a love triangle, and a second chance at a love sacrificed.

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A retired grim reaper, a reincarnated lost love, and their second chance at a love cut short.

Misha Rasputin has put the past behind her, having served centuries to save her village from Pesta, the Black Death—and then the past walks into her pet store.

For almost seven centuries, Misha, trapped the body of a twenty-seven-year-old, served her time as the being responsible for guiding souls from this life to the next. She sacrificed everything to save her small village: her family, her life, and her forever love. With her time as a grim reaper over, she merely wants to live out the rest of her existence in Black Hollow, shutting out the pain of the past. So far, she’s managed to accomplish just that. And then Carson Reed walks into her store.

Carson tries to convince her that he’s the love she’s been waiting for, and it looks as if she’s about to surrender to his seduction when another grim reaper appears to claim Carson’s soul.

With her future with Carson threatened, Misha has a difficult choice to make: watch the love of her life be ripped away from her again, or reach out to Pesta to make another deal, one that might cost Misha her very soul.

Download Yesterday’s Reaper today to see whether Misha reaps more agony and pain, or finally gets the love she knows she deserves.

Need a sneak peek? Grab the first two chapters of Yesterday’s Reaper HERE!!!!

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