The Journey of Words

The Journey of Words

Just as seasons change and landscapes evolve, so does a writer's style. The words I pen today carry echoes of my past work, but they are also imbued with the experiences, growth, and exploration that come with the passage of time. This week, I invite you on a journey through the evolution of my writing style, tracing the steps I’ve taken, the influences I’ve encountered, and the ways in which my craft has transformed over the years.

The Seeds of Style: The Early Years

In the beginning, my writing was like a sapling, fragile yet eager to grow. Of course, I started in school as I tried to avoid listening to teachers and not being called on to answer questions to which I knew I didn’t know the answer. During this phase of my journey, my style was often heavily influenced by the authors I admired most. I mimicked their tones, their rhythms, and their storytelling techniques. It was a period of apprenticeship, so to speak, where I learned the fundamentals of writing through emulation.

The First Buds: Finding My Voice

As I continued to write, the imitation began to give way to something more authentic. I began to find my voice, that unique blend of perspective, tone, and narrative approach that sets each writer apart. This phase was marked by experimentation as I ventured into different genres and forms, searching for where my voice resonated most powerfully. I went from a short story about a gun to an urban fantasy with a reluctant hero to my most erotic novel to date. I tried it all, and found I also enjoyed it all.

The Blossoming: Growth and Experimentation

With time, my style matured. It became more confident and willing to take risks. I experimented with structure, point of view, and narrative voice. I explored themes that resonated with me on a deeper level, often drawing from personal experiences or deep-seated beliefs. Basically, I put more of me into each story. 

The Changing Seasons: Adaptation and Response to Feedback

As I began to share my work with others, I received valuable feedback. Some of it was praise, and some of it was constructive criticism. This feedback acted as the seasons, shaping and reshaping my style. I learned to adapt and refine my writing based on the reactions of readers and editors. I could change a story to fit a need without surrendering the truth I wanted to write. The key here is being willing to learn and not go off thinking everyone hates you. It’s all a part of growth.

The Harvest: Achievements and Recognitions

The journey of evolving as a writer often leads to achievements, whether they are published works, awards, or simply the satisfaction of knowing that your words have touched others. These moments of harvest are milestones that encourage growth and inspire me to continue refining my craft. I love when readers reach out to me, telling me how much they’ve enjoyed a story or a certain character. That’s why I write. To touch people, and when I discover that I have, it makes it all worth while.

The Evergreen: Embracing Change and Continuous Growth

Writing is a lifelong journey, and my style is like an evergreen tree, always adapting to the changing winds of inspiration and personal growth. I have come to understand that my style is not a static entity but a dynamic force that reflects the evolving landscape of my life and experiences. It’s actually one of the reasons I’ve gone back to rewrite some of my earlier works. I’ve learned so much, and I don’t want inferior writing to float around out there. I only want my readers to get the best I can give them.

The evolution of my writing style mirrors the journey of self-discovery and personal growth that writing has become for me. It's a testament to the power of creativity and the ever-present potential for transformation. As I continue to write, I do so with the knowledge that my style will continue to evolve, and that’s a beautiful part of the writer’s journey—one that I embrace with an open heart and an eager pen.

Until next time, happy reading,

Robbie & the FGR Team

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