The First Wedding at Bull Creek

The First Wedding at Bull Creek

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Life doesn’t stop once you find your soulmate. And yet, for some reason, that’s exactly what I seemed to have done with the gang in Bull Creek. Oh, we saw them here and there, saw brief glimpses into their bantering back and forth or their lovesick gazes across the table at Everglades. And there were battles as well. We saw them all pitch in and save the day. Yet, they never grew in their relationships, never took it to the next level with marriage or starting a family or… Well, you get the picture.

So, with the Bull Creek Holidays series, I decided it was time to see where our favorite supernatural gang was in their love lives. And in Sassy Claws, we saw Josh and Alanna finally surrender to the mating call, and then she told him she wanted kids. But in No Place to Hyde, we saw Arlin propose to Eve, and she accepted. Now, their wedding day is here, but it’s about to have the hiccup of all hiccups. Kyle Wagner is back, and he hasn’t forgotten his threat to Eve that there would be no escape. The question is, how far will he go to prove it?

Families diverge on Bull Creek in time for Thanksgiving, some bringing with them slight surprises, but all bringing the gift of family, love, and deep, abiding friendship. So, pre-order your copy of Thanksgiving in Bull Creek from our Feel-Good Reads Bookstore and get ready for another Bull Creek Holiday.

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Super happy You are giving the Bull Creek couples some “next steps”. I love Destined Mates and all the characters in each of the spinoff series too!


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