The Destined Mates World

The Destined Mates World

If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I never intended to get into writing paranormal romance. A terrific friend invited me to write in another author’s world, and eventually, I gave in and mapped out three stories—and found I loved the genre! I took the books out of that author’s world, rewrote them, renamed them, and gave them fresh covers, and three books became six. And then I wrote a prequel series, followed by a holiday series based in the same world, all while writing more and more notes fleshing out other series in the same world. I even have origin stories planned for some of the characters who fill this world.

But then I decided I wanted to write in other cities, like Savannah, St. Augustine, and more recently, the fictional Crescent Cove in Maine, but I wanted them to remain in this overall Destined Mates World. So, Witches of Savannah and Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove are truly Destined Mates stories, even though Witches of Savannah is pure suspense with no romance. The characters still connect. It’s the same with Shifted Hearts of Crescent Cove, even though it only deals with wolf shifters. Both series connect back to Draven Falls where the Bull Creek series truly started.

And I love that because I get to give characters cameos in other series. It also makes it simple to keep up with the lore of the world, as well as the magic and rules. I like things simple, don’t you?

I also have several other series in the wings, such as Para-Force, The Ghost Detective, and a Draven Falls series. We’ll visit Willow Vale and Brighton Cove, as well as Mountain Ridge in Vermont. So many fun stories coming full of love, suspense, and a sense of family that runs through all my stories. I hope you’re as eager to read them as I am to write them.

And in the meantime, drop me a note telling me which has been your favorite so far. I’d really love to know.

Until next time, happy reading!!!

Robbie & the FGR Team

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