The Beauty of Imperfection

The Beauty of Imperfection

Writing is a creative journey in imperfection. I mean, it never fails. As soon as I hit publish, whether it’s a book, a social media post, or a newsletter or blog, there’s going to be something wrong with it. A typo. A break in the formatting. The wrong character name because I changed it in chapter ten and forgot to go back to chapter four and change it there as well. And it drives me nuts! Ask the girls, but I know they’re only going to tell you that that’s a short trip.

Still, I often find myself in a relentless quest for perfection. I strive for impeccable prose, flawless characters, and an immaculate plot. However, this fixation on perfection can stifle creativity and undermine the true essence of writing as a journey. It can also keep me from ever posting or publishing anything, and then what would I do with all these wild ideas? You see, the pursuit of perfection can often lead to creative paralysis. So, let me share with you five things I embrace in the creative process as a journey to publication and giving you the stories you’ve come to love.

The Creative Process as a Journey:

  • Writing as Exploration: Writing is not just a task; it's an exploration. Each word, sentence, and paragraph is a step into the unknown as I dig around an idea to see what’s hidden inside. This journey is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. And it’s while I’m on this journey that I discover my own voice, my unique style, which is quite often that of a smart-ass, and the stories only I can tell. 
  • Embracing Mistakes: Imperfections in writing are like signposts on this journey. They mark the spots where I’ve taken risks, experimented, and learned valuable lessons. I embrace these mistakes as stepping stones to growth, not only in the story, but in myself as well as a writer. They are not failures but rather the natural progression of a writer evolving and maturing in their craft.
  • Progress, Not Perfection: Instead of aiming for flawless writing, I aim for progress now. It takes the stress off, I assure you. Every draft, every revision, every piece I write contributes to my growth as a writer. And I celebrate the milestones along the way, no matter how small they may seem.
  • Feedback as a Compass: Constructive feedback from peers or editors is not an indictment of my imperfections; it's a tool to help me refine my work. I use it as a compass to navigate my creative journey, and I value each and every comment and suggestion.
  • The Joy of Creation: Why did I start writing in the first place? The joy of creation. I cannot let the pursuit of perfection overshadow the sheer pleasure of putting words on paper, of seeing my ideas come to life, imperfect though they may be. And I’ve had some doozies out there. That’s why we’re rewriting my first few stories. I’ve learned a lot along this journey.
  • The Liberation of Imperfection:

    Embracing imperfection liberates me—and other authors who embrace this journey—from the burden of unattainable standards. It allows me to take risks, experiment with new styles, and explore unconventional ideas. In this liberation, I find the true essence of creativity.

    Writing is not about reaching a mythical state of perfection; it's about the journey I embark upon with each word, sentence, and story. Embracing imperfection doesn’t mean settling for mediocrity; it means acknowledging the beauty in the imperfect and understanding that it’s through imperfections that I grow as a writer. So, I’ve let go of the need for perfection, relishing the adventure of creation, and savoring every moment of my unique writing journey. After all, it's the imperfections that make the story uniquely mine, and it’s the journey that makes it all worthwhile.

    Until next time, happy reading!

    Robbie & the FGR Team

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