Silence is Distracting

Silence is Distracting

Silence is Distracting

A friend of ours went on a writing retreat by themselves, and I’ll be honest, I was envious. Not jealous, mind you. I mean, if I wanted, I could go on a solo writing retreat, but I know nothing would get done. That’s why I’m envious. I wish I could do just that. Sit in a room alone and write. But I can’t. I simply can’t do it. I know it sounds weird, and so many other authors say they have to have complete quiet to write and have all kinds of tricks to make that happen, like wearing ear buds and listening to music as they write. None of those things work for me, though. Why? Because silence is distracting. I know. I tried it once. Sarah had a conference to go to for Color Street, and I went with her. While she attended the event, I remained in our hotel with the goal to write all night long. However, I kept checking in with the other girls, and then had to go down and get something to eat and then had to see what was on television, and then I got caught up in a podcast and then… Well, you get the idea. I may have gotten fifty words in when it was all said and done.

When the girls used to work outside of the house, Mondays were my least productive days, because the house was empty. It was just me and my cat until Pickle came home. I spent the whole day wondering how the girls were doing or wishing I could talk to them or even texting them. It was ridiculous. By the time Tuesday got here, I was able to finally get some words in, but it still wasn’t enough to say I wrote anything tangible. No. My best days of writing when at least one of them were here. They didn’t even have to be in the same room or talk to me. The fact they were here was enough to calm my nerves and allow me to concentrate. I know. It sounds pathetic doesn’t it. Yet, their presence is the white noise I need to work well. Some authors use music. Some television. I use the presence of the three ladies who live with me. It’s why I never could go off on my own.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with those who can do it. As I stated above, I’m envious of their ability to do that, because while I work better when they’re here, I also have to deal with a million interruptions just when I’m getting in the groove. Yet, I know enough to know that I never would have gotten into that groove if they weren’t there to interrupt me. And to be honest, I much prefer their interruptions.

Until next time, happy reading,

Robbie & the FGR Team

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