More Ways to Join

More Ways to Join

Ever get tired of waiting to read the next story? How about if you could read the books AS they were being written? We’re about to give you the chance, as well as ways to earn even more rewards. We’ve ventured into one more area with my writing, and that’s the world of subscriptions. Feel-Good Reads has joined REAM, and our page is now live, just waiting for you to join us and be even closer to the writing process. 

What is REAM? Basically, it’s a subscription service, much like Patreon, only geared specifically for authors and readers. It’s a lot like subscribing to a coffee of the week club, but this is monthly and all about books.


So, what does it mean to subscribe to one of our authors? Or all of them, for that matter? Well, the logistics of it is simple. You pick where you want to participate, and for a small dollar amount each month, you receive various perks, such as chapters as I write them, as well as voting power in some cases to help decide covers, character names, or even what series gets worked on next. You’ll receive cover reveals and sneak peeks first, discounts at our merchandise store, free stickers and other swag items, and so much more. There’s even a tier where you can read from my backlist without having to go anywhere else. What you get depends on which tier you sign up for, and of course, you can do one author or all three with our combo tiers. I promise, no matter which level you sign up for, it’ll be worth every penny, AND, like buying direct from our store, it’ll allow me to write more and give you even more stories.

AND we’ve got the Ultimate Tier Four, which guarantees you one of our Bookish Crates every time we send one out without having to purchase one on the FGR Bookstore. If you factor in everything else you get with this tier, you can see where you get the Bookish Crate even cheaper, so that’s another plus.

Now, rest assured that nothing else will change. The FGR Bookstore will keep going strong and books will release there first. My writing schedule for all three pen names will remain just as it is with the stories coming up that I mentioned a while ago. All this will do is get the stories in your hand even faster than on the bookstore and keep you in the thick of each world as it is created, seeing the world building process as it happens. And, as with buying direct, this will help me produce more for your entertainment faster, so I hope you take the time to check it out, see what we offer, and, hopefully, participate. And spread the word. I always appreciate when you share my stories with your friends.

We’re excited about this next phase of our business. Again, it’s just another aspect we’ve had in the works for a while and have now found the right platform to do it. I’d love to know your thoughts once you look at it, so feel free to hit the reply button and drop me a line. I love hearing from you.

Until next time, happy Reading!


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