I Confess, I’ve Been in a Reading Funk

As I closed my Kindle in frustration, I shoved myself out of my recliner and browsed my shelves of hardbacks, but none of them grabbed my attention, either. Finally, I surrendered to the funk I was in and turned on some music and tried to write. However, I was in a writing funk as well. I simply stared at the blinking cursor and growled.

It wasn’t like I had writer’s block. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. Or rather, what I felt like writing. Nothing was gripping my attention, and soon I wandered off to the back porch to stare at the trees.

When it comes to writing funks, it’s usually because of allowing my inspiration well to run dry. However, reading funks are usually caused by what’s happening in my life at the time. Am I under an intense deadline? Are the girls burning dinner? Are the cats sleeping on my favorite blanket? Is the neighbor cutting his grass at seven in the morning? If I’m stressed or frustrated, I can’t sit still long enough or focus enough to read. Or write, for that matter. But sometimes, I just can’t read even if I’m happy and relaxed.

And this is where I found myself the other day. Nothing grabbed me. Has this happened to you? If so, I’d love to know how you overcame it. Hit the reply button up there and let me know. Maybe I can use it to get me out of my funk.

Until next week, happy reading!
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