Do You Keep Track of Your Library?

If you’re in our readers’ group, then you saw me tell you about how I’ve started using Notion for different things, and one of those is keeping track of my library. I’ve always been amazed when readers come up to me at signings, whip out their phone, and can go, “Yup, got that one and that one, and wait, I need that one.” I mean, it’s rather smart and keeps you from buying books you already have or not buying a book you want because you don’t know if you own it or not.

In the past, I’ve kept lists of books I want to buy, as well as books I’ve read over the course of the year, but I’ve never organized my library with what I actually owned. Well, I found a template in Notion—and for those of you who might not know what Notion is, it’s basically a digital life organizing tool—called my Personal Library Dashboard. I’ve been having fun logging in my books, keeping notes and opinions, copying favorite lines, and even saving covers and creating an author database. Yup, I went all in over the weekend, but it’s been great.

Which led me to ask our readers’ group, and now you, do you keep track of your library? And if you do, how do you do it? I’d really love to know, so hit that reply button and send me a note.

Until next Wednesday, happy Reading!
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