Buying Direct is Easy and Has Its Own Rewards!!!

Buying Direct is Easy and Has Its Own Rewards!!!

When we decided to sell my eBooks and paperbacks direct, the first thing we needed to ensure was that it would be an easy, pleasant experience for you, the reader. So, we dug into it for the best delivery system, and what we discovered was most of you already used Book Funnel to receive many of your books. Authors use it for newsletter signups, sending ARCs to their review teams, and giving away free books to their readers’ groups. Now, we can use it to sell our eBooks, and eventually audio books, directly to you.

How does it work? Great question! It’s really easy. Like any other online shopping experience, simply add the book to your cart, go to checkout, and purchase the book you want. You’ll then receive two emails. The first will confirm your order, and the second will come from Book Funnel with a link and instructions to get your book on whatever device you use to read. It truly is that simple, and if there’s ever an issue, Book Funnel has amazing customer service to help you figure things out. Plus, they keep your purchases in your personal library on their site. You can be reading my story within seconds.

Now, that leads to another question. Why should you buy direct? Trust me. I asked this myself when we started it.

Buying direct, you’ll receive the book faster than readers who wait for it to come out on another retailer. Almost all of my books, with only a few, rare exceptions will be released on the Feel-Good Reads Bookstore first. It’ll also be the only place you can pre-order most of them. The few exceptions will be those stories I write in other worlds, such as Susan Stoker’s Special Forces World, and our own, Crimson Moon Hideaway. Everything else will be on the store first.

You’ll also receive extras not available anywhere else. I’ll be writing short stories, novellas, and other things that go with the worlds that aren’t included in the books. You won’t want to miss these as they’ll add to the whole experience.

Furthermore, I can offer you bigger discounts on the store, and even faster than what happens on the other retailers. While I do run promos through Barnes & Noble and Kobo at times, these promos aren’t always guaranteed. I have to apply and then pray they accept me. At the store, we can simply create a code and publish it. We can create books bundle prices as well, which we can’t do on other retailers without a lot of hassle. So, the best deals will ALWAYS be at the FGR Bookstore.

I’ll also get paid faster and earn a little more, which I know sounds like more of a benefit to me than you, the reader, but in the long run, the more I earn, the more it allows me to write, bringing you the stories you want. I don’t have to wait sixty days to get paid, hoping they don’t have a glitch.

We can also customize your experience, bringing you the things you want to see from us. Combining books with merchandise that you’ll enjoy. Furthermore, we can narrow down the email experience over time, only sending you the things you want to read about and learn versus casting a wide net, hoping we hit something for everyone.

So, not only is buying direct easy, it also comes with a lot of benefits. We invite you to take a few moments and browse the Feel-Good Reads Bookstore. There’s some amazing stories and great merchandise ready for your clicking finger.

Until next time, happy reading,


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