Are You a Candlelighter?

Are You a Candlelighter?

A candlelighter. This world needs more of those. People who use their flame to set other people on fire. I’ve been in ceremonies where one person starts off lighting their candle and then turns to the person beside them to light theirs, who then turns to the person beside them and does the same. It continues until what was once a dark room now glows with brilliant light.

Imagine being in a dark room with eight other people. You’re the only one with a candle that’s lit, although everyone else is holding a candle, as well. Theirs, however, are mere cold sticks; useless. Yours radiates a bubble of light and a very small pocket of warmth. Now take your candle and use it to light one of the others. The wick sparks and catches flame. The room has become brighter and a tad warmer. Now both of you reach to another cold candle and bring it to life. It’s brighter. Warmer. You can see a little more clearly. The four of you then turn and ignite the remaining four candles. The room is now aglow with light and warmth, and everyone’s vision is more focused.

This little exercise didn’t cost you anything, either; nothing except a little effort. You’ve lit two other candles, and your flame never diminished. Actually, you increased the clarity of your vision by making it brighter for all. You gained light by the giving of your flame.

I don’t agree with Big Business’s mindset that we are in competition with others. I sat in a marketing meeting once where it was stated that their goal was to put another big name in their industry out of business. To me, that’s counterproductive to success. Being a candlelighter is an image that, to me, leads to a brighter world where everyone is reaching their dreams with the help of each other. I don’t believe I’m in competition with other writers. I’m in competition only with myself. I want to be the best writer I can be, and if I can accomplish that, then I believe the readers will find me. I take great joy when other authors succeed with their books, and I’m grateful that I can help promote them.

I have been surrounded my entire life by people who have kept my candle lit: teachers in school, my parents, the girls, close friends. They’ve encouraged me to go after my dreams and never give up. Some have made sacrifices, so that I could write, and many have helped share that writing. Even others have shared their knowledge, coaching me where I lacked it. Furthermore, at times when Life has blown that candle out, they have stepped in to ignite the flame once again.

It helps motivate me in the pursuit of my dream when I help others take off after theirs. We need to be Encouragers and Motivators because there is way too much negativity in the world, especially over the past few years. Everyone needs a helping hand and I believe where one succeeds, we all succeed.

We are not in competition with our dreams. Holding onto our flame keeps our light dim, and hurts us in the long run. The world would be a brighter place if we exchanged negative competition with positive encouragement. Decide today to be a Candlelighter and spark someone’s dream into action. I promise you, you’ll grow brighter for it.

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