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The Rutherford Series - Book 2 - Roll the Dice

The Rutherford Series - Book 2 - Roll the Dice

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A single father new to the area, a widow who refuses to feel, and their second chance at love. 

Morgan Brewer is resigned to his punishment, and even more so when he comes across the frosty Jacqui Karston. Then the move to Biloxi doesn’t seem so much like exile as it does a promising opportunity. 

Sent to Biloxi to open a new office for Rutherford Construction, Morgan takes it all in stride, refusing to change his cavalier behavior. He sees the town as simply another playground for his womanizing. That is, until the grieving C.E.O. of the Karston Foundation walks into the restaurant, catching his eyes and changing his plans. 

Jacqui Karston doesn’t want Rutherford Construction in Biloxi, and she definitely doesn’t want them working on the building she intends to erect to honor her late daughter. However, the more obstacles she throws in his path, the more determined he is to tear them down. With the future of his company at stake, Morgan has a decision to make: lose his job, or lose his heart. 

Roll the Dice is a enemies to lovers, second chance romance guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.


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