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The Rutherford Series - Book 1 - Losing Faith

The Rutherford Series - Book 1 - Losing Faith

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A husband with a fantasy, a wife with a crush, and their journey into an open marriage. 

Faith Greer has led a sheltered life, but all of that is about to change when her husband shares a fantasy with her, one that includes others. 

Barely thirty years old, Faith feels as if she’s just now beginning to enjoy the carnal side of life, so when Selby comes to her about opening up their marriage, she’s not sure what to think. And then her boss, Edwin Coldwell, begins to flirt with her. 

A mother who thinks Faith’s out of control, a sister who thinks she wants her job, and a redhead who seems to want her husband—not to mention Faith, as well—keep her frustrated, but then not as frustrated as Edwin when he dares her to visit him after work. When the Greers open the door to their marriage, they’re fine sharing their bodies, but they soon discover it’s hard to stop there. Now Faith risks losing her heart, and Selby his wife. 

Losing Faith is more than a love triangle, it’s a one-night stand that turns into an obsession.


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