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The Best of Both Worlds (Boxset)

The Best of Both Worlds (Boxset)

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Susanna Tawnie had two roommates and suddenly found herself wanting - no, needing - both of them. It was the only thing she desired for Christmas. 

Caiden Grisham was soft and romantic. He enjoyed long walks on the beach and sugar in his coffee. Spontaneity was his guiding force and he lived for the moment. 

Strict and dominant, Brandon Wallace preferred structure and discipline, especially in the bedroom. He created rules and schedules, expecting them to be obeyed, drank his coffee black, and planned for the future. 

Susanna wanted Santa to give her both of her roommates for Christmas, but how could she ask for such a greedy gift, especially after what she did to them? 

This Box Set contains two previously published stories - Ribbons & Bows and Under the Wrapping.


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