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The Best of Both Worlds - Book 2 - Under the Wrapping

The Best of Both Worlds - Book 2 - Under the Wrapping

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Santa brought Susanna her Christmas gift early - both of her roommates. The question now is what she's to do with both of them and how they can make a relationship work with three people. Yet, they're all ready and willing to cross those lines and form a triad of love and passion. Susanna will just have to wait and see how this steamy holiday will turn out. 

Caiden is quite happy with the new arrangement, even willing to sacrifice his dislike for his roommate's lifestyle in order to be with the woman he can't live without. After all, the entire love-triangle was his idea. 

As with everything else he does, Brandon throws everything he can into this new dynamic with his roommates, even to the point of reining in his desire for a full blown dominant/submissive relationship. Yet, his phone keeps ringing, but he never answers it. 

Susanna doesn't question it until Molly Bennet, Brandon's former submissive, appears in Susanna's store just before Christmas wanting to give Brandon her own special gift.


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