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The Rutherford Series - Book 4 - His to Command

The Rutherford Series - Book 4 - His to Command

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A boss rejected, an assistant with a chip on her shoulder, and if they can stop fighting long enough, a second chance for both to feel once more. 

As punishment for his office flings, Edwin Coldwell has been sent to Savannah to open a new office—that is if his assistant doesn’t get him fired first. 

Trying to put the mistakes of the past behind him, Edwin doesn’t realize that his salvation cost Andrea Newbury the man she loved. It isn’t until one drunken night that he discovers it wasn’t so much the man, but the control he offered. The submissive lost her dominant. 

Edwin feels torn in several directions: he needs to impress the boss who gave him a second chance, he needs to gain the trust of their first client who wants him to build a dungeon, and he needs to gain the confidence of the woman who wants him sent back to Florida. And then he starts to see her as something other than his enemy. As Edwin develops feelings for his assistant, he gets faced with a choice: his career or his heart. 

His to Command is a second chance romance with slight BDSM undertones.


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