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Crimson Moon Hideaway

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When the well of inspiration dries up, there's only one place to go - Crimson Moon Hideaway.

Something is sapping his creativity, and it's as if Maxwell Bourland can feel it digging its claws into his brain, draining the stories out of him. He falls asleep, dreaming of elaborate plots, only to have them vanish by morning. This is more than writers block; it's a theft of his mind. With his editor nagging him, Maxwell flees to the redwoods of California, hoping to shake whatever has him in its clutches.

Inspiring the masses is exhausting, and so the muses, Thalia and Calliope, seek a vacation where the only creativity they need to stir up is how to spend the cold evenings. However, as they plot to lure the lifeguard off his tower, they notice a slumped figure trudging through the resort, a slight shimmer draping his body. Now their curiosity is peaked.

One-Click Muse Unleashed now as muses meet writer and the creativity flies!

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A stoic elf and a quirky fairy equal a comedic battle of wits.


For Mason Wentworth, the perfect vacation was spent alone with a thick book and several cups of hot tea. And silence. Plenty of silence.


Kiki Stanford loves to have a good time and hates seeing others waste such a fun-filled resort as Crimson Moon Hideaway, especially when they could be enjoying themselves with her.


When an introvert is forced to mingle with an extrovert more than arguments heat up between them. The question is can they avoid killing each other long enough to discover the fire between them? One-click Whimsical Seduction and watch as the fireworks explode!


He watched his wife walk around Crimson Moon Hideaway trying to find him a new bride. Weird to some, perhaps, but it was all right. You see, his wife is dead.

Now a widower, Geoff Johns booked a weekend at Crimson Moon Hideaway to escape all the sad faces cast his way, as well as the uncomfortable conversations asking how he was holding up. His wife was dead. How did they think he was holding up? Of course, that doesn’t stop her from popping up in the hopes of finding him his next bride. And on top of that, it’s the full moon, which meant tonight, his werewolf would try to end his vegetarian diet.

Corine Faraday left her therapist’s office wishing she had listened to her gut and not the opinions of her colleagues. Now, a little boy was dead, and she felt like a failure. She was through helping people, even herself. And then she notices a strange man talking to himself by the pool.

Can two souls who have lost so much find happiness at Crimson Moon? Perhaps a better question is can Erika Johns let go long enough for the others to find each other? One-Click A Ghostly Affair and find out!


A billionaire wizard, a jilted librarian, and a meddlesome cupid – it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but really, it’s their second chance at finding true love.

Broken-hearted billionaire Chance Holden just wants to escape the pain of being dumped right before his wedding – and then he walks smack dab into a Matchmaker’s Expo for cupids.

Chance merely wants to put his broken relationship behind him, so he plans a quick trip to Crimson Moon Hideaway for a quiet escape. However, a petite librarian, Lizbeth Gilmore, struggling with her own broken heart catches his attention by refusing to give up on love, and Chance quickly tosses thoughts of being alone out of his mind.

Surrounded by the beautiful redwoods and the woman who had made him laugh once more, giving him hope that true love might exist after all, Chance is ready to give it one more shot – and then he comes face-to-face with the cupid who screwed up his first relationship.

Faced with the prospect that perhaps love is out of his control, Chance must make a choice: surrender to the cupid’s plans for his life or return to Charleston alone – and lonely.

Cupid’s Billionaire is a paranormal, second chance romance with all the feels, so make your reservation today!


Coming Soon!!! September 2022